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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 4, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning. it's thursday, november 4th. i'm patrice harris. it's a rainy start to the day. meteorologist steve fertig told us about t yesterday and he is here it give us the scoop this morning. ú%> good morning. p> yoo warned us. >> we do have the rainntake a look at the hd raid a a quarter to an half an inch of rain for most of the area and up on the 95 corridor seeing the lighter rain falling there. moderate amounts to the east and west and inundated with showers
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throughout the area. 55 deggees to start, so it's not aa coollas it's been. 46 in hagerstown and oakland at 39 degrees, while chilly is not as cood as it was. look for periods of rain through the day today. and 52 degrees for the high, and the temperatures won't fluctuate and the winds at 5-10 miles per hour. a cool and rainy day. it will may make for a bit of a good morning,,candace. >> reporter: good morning, steve. that's for sure, as you head out there, you will find the roadways completely drenched. it's on the beltway at hhrford road. the activity not too bad, just very light volume, but again please make sure to use extra caution. it's going to be a difficult ride. many puddles throughout the area and wet leaves as well. throughout the beltway, there's nothing to gee in the way, 4 minutes at 55 miles per hour and an easy drive through baltimore
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from the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes and 54 miles per hour. looking good oo 895 from the harbor tunnel toward 895, only a 9-minute trip at 55 miles per hour. thaa's a look at the morning commute. pptrice, back over to you. thank you be candace. 5:01 on fox 45 early edition. one person is dead aftee fire ripped through several %-it happened this morning alon3 mcqueen boulevard. megan gilliland is on the scene where dozens oo firefighters worked to puu out flames. >> reporter: ggod morning, patrice. the firefighters are still out you can see the glow of the lights out here. this is the 7,000 block of mcclean boulevard. -s you can see, they have put out tte flames of this fire but3 workinn to put out the hotspots at thiit povmen this point. the fire started on the second floor in the rear bedroom of one
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of the homes here and then section tended to the next door firrfighters working to put this two-alarm fire. during that time they did find one adult male dead on the no word yet on the identity of that male. we do know there were no other victims n this fair fire. still aal of these people have been evacuated, left standing n the rain this morning. two families homeless as a result. still not sure when thhy will be able to return home, where they will be able to go. this morning. caused all of this fire officials told us when they walked into this apartment this morning, there was no signs of any audible smoke detectors of the this morning this does make the 13 fatal fire victim of the year. live in northeast baltimore, megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. firefighters were on the scene of a blaze last night in west baltimore. flames were reported in a vacant 3 storr building on west fayette
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near shode shrouder street. when crews arrived they found smoke coming from the roof. they are still determininggthe cause. a university of maryland writing professor is in jail this morning accused of fatally shooting her husband. authorities she shot and killed him on saturday. he had called 911 earlier in the day to report a domestic dispute and then called back later to say his wife opened fire on him. he was dead before the police arrived to the couple's hollywood home. fbi officials link another incident to shootings at millitary buildings in the individual, d.c. area. shooting number 5 happened on tuesday at a coast guard recruiting station. the fires shoot in the four incidenns came from the same gun. no one has been urt in any of the shootings.3 ttey are all taken place at night. a former howard county high school rotc instructor deniee
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claims that he had sex with a former student. 52 years old charles ray moore is on trial acccsed of assaulting a 17 years old cadet. he took the stand on wednesday the girl says that he he and moore had consensual sex in a school cllset. he testifies that it's not true. he says there's one piece of evidence that easily clears his client. >> the aspect of this case, and i'm looking to hear the prosecute's explanation what is going on, they find sperm in the closet, we have everything we need. only one problem the speem did not belong to sergeant moore. records show moore exchanged 63 phone calls with the cadet in -pril but he says he was helping her because she was failing a class and skipping school. r and b singer and baltimor3 native mario is no longer facing assault charges, now that his
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mother changed her story. lass month she called police and told themmthat her son shoveled3 her into a wall. on the witness stand on tuesddy she testified that she was on drug and cholz at the time and d the incident never happened. >> mario's attorney says that his client remains committed to -elping his mother battle her addiction. just hours after winning a second term as govvrnor, martin o'malley was already looking ahead to the next four years. the governor started off the day wednesday waiving to driver on the streets of baltimore. latee he spoke at the state house saying his next budget own include any new taxes even though, the state isn't getting anymore federal stimulus dollars. a politicallage we talked to says that the margin of victory can be traced back to a slew of negative campaiin ads. >> to use atttck ads early and often throughout the campaign,
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martin o'malley was able to make this an election a referendum on bob ehrlich and not on martin oommlley. cynical but brilliant.3 >> we took the attacks on the tax of spending and the fiscal responsibilities and we won.3 >> sure. all you have to do is look at the 5.6 million and youuwill see more of the same. >> the governor said he is going to try to avoid more furloughs balance the budget. controversial robo calls to many voters has many outraged. the calls they received urged them to stay ome and not vote. mayor stephanie rawlings-blakeú calls it a trick aimed at democrats and blamed the republicans in particular the ehrlich campaign. they call the mayor's allegations absurd, now an invvstigation is underway. >> these were robo calls thatú were directly targeted toward
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voter expression and voter intimidation..3 they were not phone calls to tr3 to persuade somebody to vote for candddate a or candidate b. >> the nummer used could be labeled a number for hire. according to an online phone %-been used by many peoplehas including collection agencies and evvn democrats with recorded messages that support democrats? two senate races are still ouustanding. republicans have gained a lot of ground and ow both sides are striking a conciliatory tone and trying to figure out how to work together in a more balanced congress. nicole collins has the story. >> it feels bad. >> reporter: a humbled president obama said he took a shellacking in this mid-term election when the republicans took control of the house and gained significant ground on inú the senate. he blames the econooy for losse3
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and he says that the economy has >> we hhve made progress and many amerrcans have not felt that progress. and they told us that yesterday. >> eporter: the president took responsibility for how his party has conducted business >> we were in such a hurry to gettthings done, that we didn't change how ttings got done. people. >> eporter: prrsident obama -nd the mannppised to become sppaker of thous spoke about better ooperation in a late niiht congratulatory phone call. >> we greed that we needed to work together on behalf of american people. >> reporter: friction could continue, as republicans have vowed to overhaul the presiient's overhaul. >> we are determined to stop the agenda americans have rejected and to turn this ship around.
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>> in the months befooe the new congress is sworn president obama saas he wantt to work with republicans on the push tax cuts, extending unemployment insurance and the issue of gays and lesbians serving openlyyin the millitary. i'm nicole collins. you can get all of the election results by going to 2010. two words you don't often football. baltimore's newest sports team has brought them together playing the first season in the lingerie football league. what has the experienne been like for the players? joel is live at the burns arena to see how hey like the new stage ann the small uniforms. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. i've got the official ball right here. you can see the emblem of the %-that's riiht, lingerie footbal league. first in baltimore called the baltimore charm. they're getting used to the spoot a little bit and they want the fans to get used to it as
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well. last football game is tomorrow night and i have stephanie rowlings here right now. what has the season been like for you? >> it's been a lot of fun. very unexpected and it's been aa lot more than what we thought and very physical. >> reporter: we heard ofú injuries. what players have had the worst ones unfortunately. the worst one was our middle linebacker broken collarrbone. a wide receiver with concussion. >> reporter: there's a lot. we are going to show highlights now thht this is full contact. you're wearing lingerie, but you're wearing just barely shoulder pads and helmets. is thht enough protection, do you think. >> we like to do it better than the boys so we like to it harder with less pad. >> reporter: the what is the reaction in the arena what you get to laying? >> they love us. and the baltimore fans we havv the biggest showing. %-of support from the fans. lot
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typical baltimore fans. >> reporter: what time is the game tomorrow night. >> tomorrow at 9:00. >> repprter: it's a different type game bbt you're get ago a lot of entertainment when you're talking about the lfl. and stephanie is going to get in her uniform here in a bit. >> you said 0-2. >> reporter: it's four games so they're etting it going and trying to sample a little bit before they ramp uppmore gamess3 next year and more ttams as well. they are getting it going, but with that amount of injuries, maybe you do not want to play too ooten. >> you read my mind. that is what is i was thinking. they need more protection. joel, thank you. the seerch is on for a sea cow near the inner harbor. a an says that ittwas spotted and another was seen in august manatees are normally spotted in warmer climates but there could
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be several reasons why the animal in nowwin ours. >> one could be a inincreased in manatee population and our waters are getting warmer during the summer and staying warmer longer. >> if you sppt the manatee you are asked toocall the aquarium hot ine (410)373-0083. and improving the sttte of the chesapeake bay, maryland is set to receive more than $3 million that will gootoward boosting water quality, limiting pollution run off and improviig senator ben cardin will be in dundalk to announce the grants. 34 similar projects have been funded this year. they include initiatives in all of the six watershed states and washington d.c. a baltimore police officer will serve time in federal prison. to this day my son still has injuries. >>the letter ritten by the ú%ficer and iven to the judge.
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upper level trough tt the west and up letter level to the rule the tweet.
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only at verizon. a wet start to the morning out there. here to fill us in on how long the rain is going to last and i think he said it's going to be ú%metime. t going to with us all day, patrice it looks like. it will be a series of rain with breaks. sky hd radar showing you whereú the rain is falling and we get a closer view as we get closer to the 695 area. you will see that rain in jjrrettsville more moderate aad the rain on the west side. you are seeing the heavier rain at woodlawn and through catonsville on the 695. up toward randallstown, oo, seeing moderate raan and lighter rain in the areas like boston and it gets moderate and up toward bel air and northeast as
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well, seeing areas of more moderate rain in the northeast part of the state. big pictuue showing you thethe motion now of the rain moving from southwest to northeast and it's moving with a frontalú boundary coming in our directiin, actually a low pressure center moving up the coast and upper level low to the it sets to the stage for all of the moisture to be lifted and we get the moisture streaming in from the coastal low that is moving, again to the north and east of us. it will continue through this morning through the afternoon. a couule of reaks in between this afternoon, but then it spills back in. the showers continue. shooers tonight, by 2:00 a.m. it lightens up completely as the low moves offshore and out of here of the meanwhile, high pressure will build in for the weekend. sunshine but chillier -emperatures. as far as how much rain we are looking for today and lingering showers tomorrow. we are looking for an inch of rain and that is for the western
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part of the area. a half an of inch of rain and a good amount of rain all over. the resulting temperature is milder than ittwas yesterday at this hour because of the clouds. 51 degrees in d.c. and 54 in salisbury, and 39 in oakland. it doesn't waam a whole lot from here. in fact, look for a high temperature in the eastern shore of around 59 degrees, with northeast wind at 5-15 miles per hour. downtown and the surrounding areas, we are lookkng at in the spharl part occntral part of ma, 52 ddgrees. 5--miie-an-hour wind here. 45 degrees for the daytime high. chillier to the west and tonight 42 ddgrees, some light showers continue and maybe lingering showers tomorrow with a high of 51. 49 n saturday, we turn the clocks back to the sttndard time on saturday.ú the high of 50 degrees then, 58 for monday. 61 and 62 for your tuesday and wednesday. we will get you the ravens forecast in just a little while from now but we need to check in with candace dold who has a check on the traffic edge.
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candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. speeds out there and you're going to find them down pretty rain makinn it for a difficull ride, reduced visibility and it's easy to slide in this kind of stuff so just use extra caution. as for the actual speeds, 45 miles per hour on 95 traveling through whitemarsh, 58 at the top enthe beltway at harford road.3 let's take a look aa the top end the beltway at liberty road. the rain coming off the road on the windshield. allow yourself extra space in you. let's check in on 195 aad see how that looks for you this morning. righttnear the airport we vn had any problems to report. that continues o be the case. southbound lanes and northbound stretch and 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel, we have our fair share of volume, let's take a live look at 95, you will find the volume from the toll plaza but look at the raindroos through the camera.
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a true testament that it's going inside of baltimore we do have a an accident. it's a new one at austin street near the stadium. we have one at pennsylvania avenue at north aveeue. mcclean boulevard, you will want to use perring parkkay as as the alteenate route. that's a look at the morning commute. patrice. back to you. big name automakers seeing big jump in sales, what eans tt means for the job market.
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a baltimore city cop gets 5 years in federal prison for violating a teen's civil rights. >> reporter: a baltimore the or police officer is now a federal prisoner. the parents remain silent as they left federal court. in 2004 the officer was accused of beatinn a 17 yyars old in shackles and orchestrating and a cover up by falsifyiig police reports. >> you hurt my child, you hurt
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my son. to this day my son still as injuries is still taking medicine for it. >> reporter: two ooher officer played a role and both cooperated with federal authorities. >> he didn't like it. >> reporterr in a letter written to judge william corral for the first time, the officer admits to hitting beejamin roland with his police baton is covering up the crime. a much different man than the one described in an online resume, fox 45 found. in which he brags about winning a bronze star and showing composure in high stress situations. while handing down the senttnce, the judge stated even though beenia minutbenjamin roland wase a jerk, even jerks have constitutional rights. the officer will also lose his job.
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the clean up across baltimore city. the project that wwll get rid of vacant homes and why some next the federal reserve is doing what it can to boost the
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good news for car companies and finally a rebound on the job market. sandra smith has today's business report. the job market getting a joot. pay roll company adt saying the private sector added 43,000 jobs last month. jobs report on unday. thford, g m and chrysler seeing jump in sales. beating cars are selling, so caa max is hiring. the biggest u.s. car chain to
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add 1200 workers. interest rates not bulging but the fed doing a lot of buying.ú the federal rrserve saying it will snap up another $600 billion in government bonds trying to keep long-term interest rates and pump more cash into the economy. p>> fox parent news corporation posting a 36% juup in quarterly profit. sales are also rising, strength ú%d cabll t.v. driving the numbers. that is bussness, i'm andra smith. coming up slots are coming to arundel mills mall, why the project could mean the end of racing at laurel park. and yes,,the newest team in ú%ltimore wears this and this, but not much rule the tweet.
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verizon. right now you can get a new samsung fascinate for $99.99 after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. edition. 5:29 is the time. but we're starting the day offd pretty rainy. half an inch of rain, it's mild wwth the cloud covvr. that's the benefit here. it's going to be aaslippery road out there that we have to trav.


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